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Industrial Equipment Shipping Container Solutions

Secure industrial equipment storage for remote locations.

Shipping containers offer a secure, climate-controlled, portable, flexible, and reusable solution for industrial equipment storage. Storage containers are completely customizable and can include a wide range of options needed for equipment storage. 

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Pipeline Monitoring Equipment Enclosure

While shipping containers can be used for an infinite number of industrial applications, the Oil and Gas industry has found unique uses – one of which is equipment housing along pipelines.

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Water Filtration Equipment Enclosure

Shipping containers are often used when other forms of enclosures simply cannot effectively meet the industrial demands required. This was the case for WesTech - who engineers and manufactures process equipment for wastewater industries.

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Custom Industrial Generator Enclosures

Shipping containers are a natural fit for many industrial applications due to their durability and portability. The containerized generator is no exception.

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Case Study: Audio Equipment Enclosure for Football Stadium

When Big House Sound needed an equipment enclosure for amplifiers and other audio equipment, they reached out to Falcon.

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