Maintenance & Repair of Your Shipping Container Home

Because we designed our Living Boxes to be used in remote locations, we selected materials and finishes to make maintenance & repair as minimal and easy as possible.
Starting with the exterior of the box, we use a radiant barrier coating underneath an industrial metal coating in the finish color.  This results in a very durable finish, resistant to knicks and scratches.  We will provide you with touch-up quantities of the coatings.  We recommend that you inspect the box exterior annually, checking for surface rust on all sides, including the roof.  Inspect the door gaskets for deterioration and loss of seal.  You can spot remove rust with any removal product, then re-seal with the coating.  Lubrication of the door hinges will also retard surface rusting at those points.   Deteriorated door gaskets can be replaced.
We select high quality products for the finish of our Living Boxes, to maximize the life of each component and to minimize the maintenance and repair requirements.  We provide you with warranty and owner information for each component, including any maintenance information provided by each manufacturer.

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