• Shipping containers make excellent industrial equipment enclosures, including RTU enclosures
  • Interior of an shipping container based industrial equipment enclosure
  • Falcon Structures can put water treatment equipment inside a modified conex container
  • Shipping container equipment enclosures can hold audio equipment like amplifiers.

Equipment and Controls Enclosure

Modified shipping containers make secure, durable, mobile and cost-effective equipment enclosures for industrial applications. Falcon Structures' equipment enclosures can be made weather-tight and custom utility ports streamline onsite installation. 

  • Securely house environmentally-sensitive equipment, controls or electronics in a durable, climate controlled space.
  • Convenient wiring access with solid bulkhead port
  • Easy personnel entrance through steel swing doors
  • Increased usability with well-lit interior and GFI outlets
  • Reliably mount equipment on industrial wall paneling
  • Heavy duty construction for long, useful life in any environment
  • Quick set up and relocation with easy electrical connections and no need for steps or foundation.
  • Includes HVAC system, 2" spray foam insulation (R-12), 3/4" plywood walls, electrical breaker panel, overhead lighting, GFI outlets and 3' x 6'8" steel personnel door.
  • Flexible configuration: 8-feet wide, available in three lengths 10-feet, 20-feet and 40-feet


20ft Equipment and Controls Enclosure FS-P-20EC-ST

Equipment and Controls Enclosure