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Ready-To-Order Mobile Medical Units

Quickly deployable and easily expandable medical shipping containers with the essential features to keep medical personnel safe, secure, and comfortable. Provide critical triage, testing, vaccinations, and patient care during medical emergencies such as COVID-19. As your organization needs change, adapt quickly with the mobility of container-based mobile medical units.

Mobile Clinics

Set up mobile clinics whenever and wherever needed. These container-based clinics require little to no set-up, no foundation, and are easily relocatable. Instead of relying on pop-up tents, feel confident that your mobile clinic can withstand inclement weather while remaining both secure and temperature controlled.

Mobile Immunization Clinics

Confidently administer vaccines within a clean, organized, secure, and reliable space. Shipping container mobile vaccine clinics are quick to deploy, climate controlled, and relocatable as needed. These vaccine clinics can be placed in parking lots and adjacent to existing buildings to ensure vaccinations are as organized and efficient as your organization desires.

Mobile PPE Storage

A growing inventory of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) such as face coverings, shields, protective clothing, gloves, goggles, N95 respiratory masks, and more have substantial storage requirements. Securely store PPE in a temperature-controlled container unit to protect this vital equipment. As the needs of your organization change, relocate or repurpose the storage unit as needed.

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