Shipping Containers for
Pipeline Monitoring Equipment

While shipping containers can be used for an infinite number of industrial applications, the Oil and Gas industry has found unique uses – one of which is equipment housing along pipelines. 

Energy Transfer, the operator of the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) and the Energy Transfer Crude Oil Pipeline (ETCOP), utilizes 317 10ft shipping container equipment enclosures from North Dakota to the Gulf Coast. Each remotely placed enclosure houses sensitive pipeline monitoring equipment accessed only once per month.

  • Equipment Enclusures for Oil and Gas Pipelines

Why Choose a Shipping Container for an Equipment Enclosure?

Energy Transfer had previously used traditional steel structures for their pipeline equipment enclosures. However these buildings could not meet critical requirements that shipping containers inherently provide:

  • Security: Each container is water, wind and rodent resistant as well as protected from potential break-ins.
  • Reduced footprint. A traditional steel structure could not meet the 10ft x 8ft requirement.
  • Quick deployment: Units are manufactured more quickly that alternative structures.
  • No need for foundation: Installation time is significantly reduced.
  • Ease of equipment installation: Predetermined equipment pass-through design meant no guesswork during fabrication and no delays due to fluctuating measurements.
  • Cost: Lower initial cost.
  • Low cost of ownership: Reduced maintenance costs over time.
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