Military vehicle driving through shipping container based MOUT training facility.

Custom Theater Facades for Shipping Container MOUT Training Structures

  • Detailed temple doors for army MOUT buildings
  • Brick texture for realistic MOUT built for US Military
  • Blue door detail on container-based MOUT facade
  • Lattice window detail for conex container MOUT design
  • Door design for shipping container MOUT facade
  • Metallic facade on shipping container based building

Create a Sense of Realism in with Plaster Finishes and More

Falcon Structures offers exterior finishes for shipping container-based buildings that create realism for military operations in urban terrain (MOUT) training facilities

Options for MOUT facades include:

  • Plaster and veneer facades.
  • Brick texture details.
  • Custom door designs.
  • Window designs including lattices.
  • Specialty structural additions, such as domes.

Exterior finishes may be applied at the Falcon Structures facility, or in the field.

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