What Are the Pros & Cons of Container Homes?

Durable.  The construction of a shipping container is designed to last decades, not just years.
Sturdy.  The rigid metal construction looks and feels solid.
Transportable.  The box can be moved, leaving little to no footprint behind.
Functional.  The home can be finished with a combination of residential and RV/marine components, which create a high quality living space in a compact size.
Expandable.  Multiple containers can be connected to create larger living spaces.
Secure.  When closed and secured, the containers are difficult to vandalize or steal.
Narrow.  The finished width of a single container interior is 7'4".  Containers can be combined to create wider living spaces.
Low ceilings.  The finished ceiling height of a regular container interior is 7'5".  High cube containers have a finished ceiling height of 8'5".

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