What Are the Top 10 Reasons to Use a Shipping
Container Home?

  1. Long life.  Unlike recreational vehicles or cabins made from wood, the shipping container is extremely long wearing.  The boxes are built to last numerous transocean trips over years of commercial life.
  2. Minimal site preparation.  For installation, the boxes only require relatively flat ground, and can be leveled using concrete blocks on site.
  3. Transportable.  The boxes can be moved as needed, making them ideal for leases and for temporary shelter.
  4. Minimal maintenance.  The exterior only requires periodic inspection and removal of surface rust, and inspection of the door gasket for deterioration.  The interior has been designed with quality materials and finishes to match the low maintenance of the exterior.
  5. Easy set up.  All utilities and connections are consolidated into a single utility area, equipped for quick connection to available services.
  6. 100% off-grid capable.  You have choices of systems to allow total off-grid use, with no sewer, septic, or black water holding tank required.
  7. Secure.  The boxes are virtually indestructible.  An optional security package provides additional protection from vandalism and break-ins.
  8. Attractive.  The box exteriors can be finished in a variety of color options, and the interior has clean lines and a light, low maintenance finish.
  9. Good value.  When you add up the costs of purchase, shipping, site prep, and easy maintenance over the long life of the Living Box, it compares favorably with recreational vehicles, park model trailers, and wood-based cabins.
  10. Expandable.  You can add modules as your needs change, without sacrificing your original investment.

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