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John McAlonan

John is a seasoned manufacturing executive with more than 25 years of experience. He manages Falcon and ensures that we make and keep good promises to our customers.

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Three Ways Shipping Containers Scale Up Rapidly Growing Companies

Posted by John McAlonan on Jun 20, 2018

While the CEO thinks about long-term strategy, the COO, chief operating officer, focuses on the internal side of the company. If the company is a steam engine, the CEO is mapping the course, and the COO is the mechanic that keeps the train running. According to John McAlonan, Falcon’s COO, his job means knowing something about everything.

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Eating Your Own Dog Food: What It’s Like to Work in a Container Office

Posted by John McAlonan on Mar 21, 2017

Prior to joining Falcon Structures, much of my career experience focused on high tech, specifically, software development. In the high-tech world, the phrase “Eating your own dog food” commonly refers to a business using the same software or technology it develops for its customers.

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