4 Tips & Tricks for Effective Construction Resource Management

Did you know that effective construction resource management improves productivity and can reduce overall project costs? It’s no surprise that great project managers stay organized and adhere to their well-developed plans. Even when unanticipated challenges arise, the project managers with stellar construction resource management skills can adapt more quickly to get back on track.

What is construction resource management?

Construction resource management is the way a construction company tracks and utilizes every resource, including equipment, tools, workers, facilities, budget, and more. Maintaining a construction resource management system helps keep companies at any size working to their highest productivity to build the best project possible. While the importance of construction resource management is undeniable by many, it’s often still a challenge. Here are a few tips to help you move forward with a resource management plan.

Tips for construction resource management:

Create a schedule

construction resource management scheduling

Creating a detailed schedule with built-in deliverable dates and important milestones is an important part of successful resource management. Planning for every phase of the project will help you gather the exact materials you need when you need them. Although a schedule is necessary for an efficient project, it’s also important that you create built-in time to meet the challenges that will likely arise out of the blue. Instead of feeling thrown off balance by new challenges as your team works on the project, plan ahead! Add a few extra days into your schedule to help you meet deadlines and order additional materials to have on hand.

Get the right software

The right software not only makes scheduling easier, but also makes tracking materials, workers, budgets, and all the complexities of a construction project more accurate. Automating the tedious tracking processes within your construction project will help improve efficiency and stay on top of your goals. To take the next step to determine if your company needs a management software program, consider any inefficiencies within your organization and the ways you want your organization to improve. From there, you’ll be able to evaluate the system that meets your specific needs.

Make resources available

construction resource management shipping container tool storage

To maintain good resource management, you need to make all necessary resources available to your team. Whether it’s wood, steel, or even facility space like office and storage units, you should proactively acquire resources to help your team succeed. To make resources available, consider when you need to order building materials, so they arrive at the right time. Additionally, consider which resources can help your company for many years to come. For example, modified shipping container offices and storage units are durable and relocatable, so you can transport them to different construction sites for a new project. Economical and durable assets that improve site accessibility are game-changers for many construction companies.

Your objective is to ensure that the construction tradespeople are as efficient as possible. To do that, you need to make sure that workers have access to tools and materials. The more time workers spend looking for tools and materials, the more they waste time and money. Instead, position tools securely, as close to their work as possible, using a work and store container or tool shed. To position commonly used construction materials, close to the construction work, use a storage container that protects against harsh weather conditions. For sensitive materials, use climate-controlled storage.

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Hire the right people

People are the most important resource because they make the magic happen. It’s important that you create a team of people who are good at doing the jobs you need to get done. Forming a team with the right number of skilled and experienced professionals not only improves site efficiency but also helps you create structures your company will be proud of. Even amid labor shortages, you can prioritize building the right team and show how you value their work to make your project plans a reality.

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