6 Top Ways to Increase Operational Efficiency in Construction

Construction has many moving parts. From the design stage to foundation work to actually building structures, there are many opportunities for the proverbial ball to drop. It’s one of the reasons traditional construction projects have a lackluster reputation around timeliness, cost efficiency, quality, and productivity. 

This is where operational efficiency comes in. After years of working with the construction industry and implementing our own best practices at our factory, we’ve learned a great deal about what makes such a system run smoothly. Here are six of the top suggestions for improving efficiency in construction. 

1. Commit to Quality Control

It’s difficult to backtrack and fix a mistake in a construction environment. If your crew installs the incorrect insulation in a structure, yet the mistake is not recognized until drywall has been installed, you have a costly and frustrating mess to clean up.

That’s why it’s important to have a quality control system in place. Someone on your team can ensure quality by checking the construction process at various stages. With effective quality control, companies can identify and rectify issues early, preventing rework and costly delays. 

2. Give Management a Dedicated Workspace


A day in the life of a construction manager can be chaotic. There are phone calls to make, emails to write, and clients to entertain. An onsite office is an excellent asset that offers a quiet space for the many necessary administrative tasks of a project manager or foreman. It also offers an ideal location for meetings, both in person and virtually. 

20ft Open Office Container

Travel trailer offices are a common choice. But portable, modified shipping container offices are quickly growing as a preferred option thanks to their durability and customizability. Container offices last over 25 years and are a more professional-looking space, especially for client visits.

3. Manage Resources

Resource management covers multiple responsibilities, like materials, equipment, and labor. This includes conducting regular checks on equipment and machinery, upgrading when necessary to avoid breakdowns and delays. It also includes thorough inventory knowledge, which can reduce waste as well as prevent timeline breakdowns. 

4. Boost Morale with Comfortable Rest Areas

Construction sites can be uncomfortable places affected by:

  • Rough weather
  • Dirt and debris
  • Loud machinery
  • Remote locations.

These factors can make it difficult for workers to refresh and refuel during their breaks.

To keep morale up and improve employee retention, offer workers a comfortable rest area onsite. Shipping containers can be modified into climate-controlled break rooms, complete with running water and kitchenettes. Container bathrooms at construction sites are also growing in popularity, as they are a cleaner, fresher alternative to portable toilets. 

container bathroom open

For heavily industrial or rural construction sites, consider offering workers supplemental amenities like container locker rooms with toilets and showers to wash away the day’s debris.

5. Prioritize Safety

Safety on a construction site is of the utmost importance to avoid injuries, accidents, and other health problems. However, complacency surrounding safety protocol is common in construction environments. Protect your workers by implementing safety practices and standards.

Regular training and education are prime opportunities to instruct workers on machinery operating, handling materials, emergency procedures, and more. Also consider appointing a safety officer. This person can answer questions and field concerns for workers, ensure personal protective equipment is being worn, and run safety audits. A safe environment ensures the well-being of your workers, but it also promotes productivity and efficiency. 

welding construction sparks

6. Implement Modular Construction Principles

Modular construction is a method where portions of buildings and structures are constructed off-site in controlled factory conditions, then assembled at their final location. Many construction companies are implementing modular practices because of its cost efficiency, speed, and quality control. 

The quality of products from a modular manufacturing facility tends to be higher because the workforce creates the same products repeatedly, resulting in higher precision and fewer defects. The efficiency of the workers also leads to less time and material wasted, ultimately saving money and propelling projects to completion faster. 

Improve Construction Efficiency

By improving operational efficiency, construction companies can transform their sub-optimal processes and deliver successful projects in a timely and efficient manner. Many factors contribute to construction operational efficiency, but these six are excellent starting points.

Interested in giving managers an onsite office or boosting employee morale with a comfortable rest area? We’ve got modified shipping container options for you! Reach out to our team at 877-704-0177 or email us at Sales@FalconStructures.com.

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