Adaptable Inventory Storage: Why Shipping Containers are Perfect for Unpredictable Industries

Every industry faces unique challenges, but experts often consider a handful of industries more unpredictable than others. An industry’s level of uncertainty is based on customer interest and its ability to create a desirable solution—an intersection between demand and technology uncertainty. Company leaders and operations managers in these industries (software, pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, etc.) must remain vigilant and proactive. Inventory storage and management play a small but vital role in maintaining a successful organization—here’s how shipping containers can help.

According to the Harvard Business Review, the top ten most uncertain industries “require greater innovation management skills than [other] industries.” The most uncertain industries include medical equipment, computers, computer software, pharmaceutical products, measuring and control equipment, machinery, agriculture, electronic equipment, chemicals, and electrical equipment.

The HBR article goes on to explain that “if you are in a highly uncertain industry,” like the ones mentioned above, “you must excel at innovation…or die.” To be successful, company personnel must understand just how much uncertainty their company faces and then find new ways to manage that uncertainty.

The Right Inventory Storage for Uncertain Industries

warehouse inventory storage

Inventory inside unpredictable industries is often an element that’s difficult to control. In fact, inventory might be considered vulnerable, leaving operations professionals no choice but to get analytical in their approach to inventory management.

The best inventory management requires operations managers to know what they have, where it’s located, how fast they can get it, and how it relates to their forecast. Their established processes must be refined again and again to keep their organization in the best possible position for success.

One approach to inventory storage is to use warehouses—often a great solution for many companies. Although, some companies look for alternative storage solutions due to proximity or cost. Modified shipping containers help create reliable inventory storage for a variety of industries, helping many companies better manage stored items amidst uncertainty.

interior of inventory storage shipping container

Modified shipping containers offer companies many benefits and help operations managers keep better track of stored items. For example, shipping containers are convenient, portable, customizable, and durable.

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Companies have the freedom to place shipping containers almost anywhere. The units often don’t need foundations or even a lot of space to provide the most convenient access to stored items.


As organizations adapt to the changing industry and flow of daily operations, personnel can simply pick up storage containers to easily relocate the inventory storage. Simply place a container onto the bed of a semi truck to move it to a new location without the need to pay for wide load transportation. Pick up the container with an industrial-sized forklift to relocate it on a single property.


Although many storage containers begin with simple designs—quickly modified and shipped out in no time at all—companies can customize each container unit as needed. Add the best door solutions, combine multiple units, or add internal inventory storage organization to better assist your operations.


When working in an unpredictable industry, you need to be able to rely on vital company assets. Operations management and team members can remain confident that the shipping containers used for storage are impressively durable, even after multiple relocations.

Modified shipping containers might be the ideal solution for your company. If you’d like to learn more and speak with a Falcon representative, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 877-704-0177 or email us at We’re happy to discuss your project in greater detail.

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