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Why Bio-Response Solutions Chooses Modular Shipping Containers

Industrial Enclosures
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May 19, 2021
Why Bio-Response Solutions Chooses Modular Shipping Containers

Bio-Response Solutions is a family-owned and operated business that develops sustainable, non-burn technologies and equipment to treat biowaste. The machinery they create is precise and efficient – but most importantly – it is vital to both the companies that purchase the equipment and for the humans, animals, and environments in proximity to the equipment. Recently, Bio-Response Solutions has discovered a solution that improves the marketability of the already vital machinery: modified shipping containers.

What is Biowaste?


According to Oxford University Press via Lexico.com, biowaste is “waste material derived from living organisms of organic origin (sewage, agricultural or forestry waste, etc.), especially as a potential source of energy.” In the case of Bio-Response Solutions, biowaste often consists of contaminants that would harm the community if carelessly discarded. Think of pathogens related to vaccine and medication research conducted in a laboratory that could put workers, plants, and animals at risk of infection.

Bio-Response Solutions creates machinery to properly manage waste, working closely with their customers in the pharmaceutical, funeral, and agricultural industries, keeping communities safe. Its methods and solutions are changing these industries with water-based alternatives and the ability to reduce and recover energy.

Why Modified Shipping Containers for Biowaste Solutions?


Bio-Response Solutions noticed a frequent problem when working with customers. Even expensive, well-designed laboratories often fail to designate space to manage bio-waste. By the time customers call Bio-Response, they not only need bio-safety machinery, but they also need a secure space to put that machinery. This is where modified containers come into play. By choosing to use modified shipping containers, Bio-Response was able to create a cost-efficient, strong, and portable equipment enclosure.


Bio-Response wanted to offer a product solution to those customers who didn't have the space to house the vital machinery inside their existing facility. Initially, Bio-Response was attracted to the lower cost of shipping containers compared to traditional construction. For Bio-Response, it’s more cost-efficient to order a modified shipping container and install the necessary equipment, than it is to get their customers to build an entirely new building beside their existing facility.



Additionally, Bio-Response wanted a strong structure to keep the valuable equipment safe and secure. Due to the importance of the machinery inside the container, durability was a non-negotiable – making modified containers the ideal solution.


The ability to easily ship and place the container units helps Bio-Response get its container-based product to its customers without hassle. Customers can place modified shipping containers almost anywhere, helping to accommodate even the most obscure and remote facilities.

Bio solutions are a necessity, even when space doesn’t permit, and containers make that easier. If you’d like to learn more about the possibilities of modified shipping containers as equipment enclosures, reach out to us at Falcon. Give us a call at  877-704-0177 or email us at Sales@FalconStructures.com. We’re happy to help get you the structure you need to improve your business.

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