Shipping Container Living Space Possibilities

Modifying shipping containers into living spaces creates durable and portable units that offer comfort and security to workforces, families, and displaced residents. Read on to learn about the possibilities of container-based living spaces.


Remote Workforce Housing for Field Workers

Mobile workforce housing is a critical component for businesses that employ field workers in remote areas. Shipping container living units provide field workers with proper living conditions that remain secure. The addition of shipping container housing units allows workers to feel comfortable while helping the company relocate as needed.


Multi-Family Residential Housing

Owners and architects should consider shipping container multi-family real estate to create unique, durable, and cost-efficient housing options. Utilizing offsite construction, container-based building standardizes the building process, reduces waste, and shortens the project timeline. Learn more about the benefits of shipping container offsite construction from our free, downloadable eBook.


Emergency Response Housing

Shipping containers offer important benefits when it comes to disaster housing. Container manufacturers modify the units at an offsite location, so disaster areas can prioritize clean up and safety. Easily place shipping containers within limited space to support first responders and displaced residents.


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