Living Container - Mobile Field Housing

Workforce Housing Durable Enough for Remote Jobsites

Shipping container-based workforce housing offers a superior alternative to RVs and travel trailers.The climate controlled 20ft and 40ft Living Box includes two distinct spaces. One space includes the full bath, while the other can accommodate sleep, relaxation and/or dining needs. Durable, steel construction keeps residents safe from intruders and the elements.

  • Safe, secure living conditions in durable, climate controlled space.
  • Convenient full bath with easily connected plumbing portal.
  • Easy personnel entrance through a secure steel swing door.
  • Configurable for additional functionality with optional kitchenette.
  • Heavy duty construction for long, useful life in any environment for workforce housing.
  • Quick set up and relocation with easy electrical and plumbing connections with no need for steps, ramps, tie downs, skirting or foundation.
  • Includes shower, sink, toilet, HVAC unit, batt insulation (rated R-13 walls, R-19 ceiling), 1/4" plywood walls, electrical breaker panel, overhead lights, GFI outlets, data port and 3'w x 6'8"h steel personnel door with lever and deadbolt.
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Shipping Container Specs


  • Living container bed and workspace
  • Living Shipping Container Full Bathroom
  • 40ft Living Box Interior
  • 40ft Living Box Exterior
modified shipping containers for sale

20ft Living Container

20ft Living Box FS-P-20FO-FB

40ft Living Container

40ft Living Container FS-P-40FO-FB
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