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5 Reasons to Use Connex Shipping Containers for Your Industrial Equipment Enclosure

Posted by Stephen Shang on Mon, Mar 14, 2016 @ 10:01 AM

Whether your industrial operation is located on an oil field, construction site, or adjacent to miles of pipeline, protecting valuable equipment from the elements and vandalism is a must. What may surprise you is repurposed shipping containers offer a superior alternative to many traditional industrial equipment enclosures.

Shipping containers modified into RTU equipment enclosuresFalcon has modified containers to create industrial equipment storage solutions for:

  • Electrical or automatic control rooms
  • Motor control centers (MCCs).
  • Air compressors.
  • Water treatment equipment.
  • Chemical processing equipment.
  • Generators, battery storage and monitoring, and more.

When you opt for a modified shipping container for your industrial equipment enclosure, you end up with more than a steel box. In fact, our climate controlled shipping containers offer numerous benefits over traditional industrial enclosures – both permanent and modular structures.

1.  Shipping Containers are Modifiable to Suit Most Industrial Applications.

Since jobsite needs and applications vary, we modify shipping container enclosures based on each client’s unique specifications. Some common container industrial enclosure modifications include:

  • Climate controlled environment.
  • Secure entry and bulkhead access points to accomodate equipment specs.
  • Custom electrical set-up.
  • Waterproof flooring and walls.
  • Explosion-proof lighting and electrical.
  • Vapor-proof lighting and more.

2. Modified Conex Containers Have Durable, Steel Construction.

Falcon shipping container equipment enclosures are constructed of sturdy, 16-gauge, vertically corrugated, galvanized steel. If you need an industrial enclosure that can withstand the elements long-term, steel is tough to beat. Wood and fiberglass structures deteriorate considerably faster, and concrete is heavy and more expensive.



3. Containers Offer Optimal Protection from Environmental and Human threats.

Not only is steel durable, it keeps threats at bay. From deadbolt and lever-locked doors to welded steel seams, shipping container industrial enclosures protect valuable equipment from extreme weather, pests, and potential break-ins. We can even weld the cargo doors shut for added security.

4. Shipping Containers are Easy to Set up and Transport.

One of the key benefits of modified shipping containers for industrial applications is mobility. Falcon’s industrial enclosures are easy to set up, move around a jobsite, or relocate cross-country.

No cement slab is required for installation, just set the container on a flat spot and you’re ready to roll. In addition, you can relocate your repurposed shipping container with a forklift, so no cranes or other special equipment is necessary.

5. Containerized Enclosures are Ready for Equipment Installation Once it Arrives at your “Door.”

Once we receive your specifications and the modifications are complete, we ship the enclosure to you. From there, your equipment or machinery can be installed under the experienced members of your team. Once installed, the container is easily relocated to your industrial site or another location.

No need to haul in materials or hire labor to finish the build at the jobsite. Once the container arrives onsite, just connect to power and utilities, and you are good to go.

In addition, our design and engineering team’s design plan ensures all equipment, fixtures and other contents are secure for transit and delivery. Whether the enclosure moves 100 yards or 1,000 miles, you can be confident all contents will arrive in one piece.

Modified Shipping Containers = Durable, Cost-Effective Industrial Solutions

If you’re looking for a secure, long-lasting solution for your industrial storage or equipment enclosure needs, repurposed shipping containers fit the bill. To learn more about container modification options for your industrial application, call 877-704-0177 to speak with a Falcon representative.

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