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Stretching our sea legs

Posted by Stephen Shang on Sat, Mar 28, 2009 @ 12:47 PM

It's almost official. Falcon will soon stretch its sea legs.

We are pumped to be working on this new project - a shipping container that will house a crew of men - on top of a huge ship. With all the ways we're converting shipping containers these days, someone needs to come up with an expression to replace, "think outside of the box." Got any ideas? We'd love to hear them because at Falcon, it seems like most of what we're doing is thinking outside the portable storage box (or inside for that matter)! It's amazing to think of all our projects that're in the works, from this to the ShowCo (see September 2008 entry).

The list just keeps growing on the amazing things we can do with our Falcon boxes. More to come on the many ways we convert shipping containers in future posts. We may even post 'shipping container before' and ‘Falcon container project after' photos!

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