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It can't be the end of February already!

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Feb 24, 2009

When we started this blog at the middle of 2008, I committed that I would post something once per month, maybe even twice per month. Lots of content on storage containers. Lots of fun stuff to write about. Lots of benefit from a marketing standpoint. Needless to say, the current ratio is once every two months. Now, there's an important marketing lesson in all this.

In the last couple of months, I've focused about 90% of my efforts on sales. Especially on sales of custom shipping containers. We've had inquiries from all over the world (literally!) about building these shipping containers into the craziest things. I've written about homes, but also bunkhouses for disaster relief efforts, jails for prison overcrowding, and shipping container housing for oil and gas sites. All kinds of cool stuff made from ISO containers.

If you take a step back, how did we get all these inquiries? Well, marketing of course. More specifically, web marketing. The next logical question is what would happen if we focused all our time on sales and none on marketing. More than likely, our inquiries for custom shipping container modifications would go down, and consequently sales goes down. All that to say is that in any healthy organization, there has to be a balance of sales and marketing.

On a macro level, I've read alot of businesses are cutting marketing in this downturn. My only hope is that they are not cutting their nose to spite their face - that it does not cause a downward spiral which eventually impacts sales. I think the better thing to do is to invest in tactical marketing and focus on growing sales instead of purely cutting costs.

Oh, and here's a link to a radio show I did recently that talks more about Falcon Containers' web marketing strategy. Check it out.

My personal application from this is that I will try to re-balance my personal efforts on sales AND marketing.

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