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Shipping container home interior dimensions

Posted by Stephen Shang on Tue, Feb 15, 2011 @ 12:00 PM

When converting a shipping container for use as a home, the interior dimensions of the container are important elements to consider. Even though the exterior dimensions are standardized with minimal variances, it will have some variance in its interior dimensions, based on the manufacturer's design.  For a 20 ft. container, the average interior length is 19 ft., 4 in.; the average width is 7 ft., 8 in.; the average height is 7 ft., 9 in.  Once you finish out the interior with framing and wall coverings, the dimensions could be as little as 18 ft., 4 in. length, 7 ft., 0 in. width, and 7 ft., 3 in. height. 

High Cube containers are 1 ft. taller than regular containers, so the average interior height is 8 ft., 9 in.  However, High Cubes are not common, and you mostly find them in 40 ft. length containers.  It is rare to find a 20 ft. High Cube container.

What does this mean to you?  One thing is that the average home furnishings, fixtures, and appliances will not always fit into the space.  Always double-check your measurements, and be prepared to select an alternative at the last minute.  I ordered a wardrobe cabinet that was supposed to fit, according to the retailer's measurements, but when it arrived, it was taller than the measurements had indicated.  So, back it went...

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