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Why a shipping container as a cabin

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Oct 13, 2010

When my husband & I bought our second rural property, I didn’t want to “rough it” any more.  I wanted a home that would be functional, easy to secure & maintain, and not diminish the value of the property should we sell it.

We had a RV on our previous ranch, and I disliked it immensely.  A lot of maintenance, and cheap construction (even though the model had been a “top of the line” version) that didn’t hold up.  The biggest thing I didn’t like was that the wind came underneath the RV, and in the winter it was really drafty.  Bugs and mice were a big problem, too.

We looked at a “kit” cabin, either prefab shell or a flatpack kit.  However, two things were evident:  the wood would be subject to rot and termites, and would need routine maintenance, and getting craftsmen out to do the finishing work was going to be difficult in our location.  Also, the structures would be permanent, which was a negative should we sell.

Curt rented a 20 ft shipping container, just to store the 4X4 and other equipment for the first hunting season.  The more I looked at that shipping container, the more I thought it would make a good cabin.  It didn’t seem to need much – a few rocks under the corners to level it was all.  Nothing got in, even though we had feed stored inside.  So, I got online and started researching the subject. 

Once I realized the advantages of a shipping container – portability, little foundation prep, no footprint once removed, long lasting, secure when closed up, no bugs/critters – I was hooked on the idea of a shipping container home, and started my plan.

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