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Delivering a shipping container cabin

Posted by Stephen Shang on Tue, Oct 12, 2010 @ 12:28 PM

The shipping container cabin was delivered on a tiltbed truck, the kind used to tow vehicles, with a winch.  We had the ground leveled out, and crushed granite gravel put down to create a pad.  We marked the location of the four corners of the shipping container cabin, and had concrete blocks to level out the corners.  The truck had to dodge several trees and cross a couple of streams along the way, but then the driver just backed up the truck, tilted the bed, and let our container home slide into place.  He then used a device along with a hydraulic lift (the kind you use to lift your car to change a tire), and lifted each corner so we could put the concrete blocks in place until the container house was level.  So simple!

We hooked up the gas cylinder, checked it for leaks, and then hooked up the water and the generator.  We added the kind of flexible rubber tubing you use to drain a pool to the drainage outlets, and voila! we were ready for our first stay.  Home sweet home!