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Innovative ways to use Conex Storage Containers

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Feb 23, 2011
Innovative ways to use Conex Storage Containers

Modified shipping containers have unlimited potential.

At Falcon Structures, we have taken modifed storage containers to a whole other level.  We have been modifying conex storage containers in almost any way imaginable from portable office buildings, to military trailers for the Army.  Storage containers seem to spark interest and imagination in other people as well, and people have begun using them for all different sorts of things all around the world.  Here's some examples of what we've been hearing about lately:

A company in New Zealand has built what they call a "Row Box."  Basically, it's a 20-foot storage container that folds out using hydraulic lifts.  The inside of the storage containers are four rows of TV's, and in front of the TV's are actual rowing machines that people can use.  The TV's show a lake, and keep your time like you are actually in a lake rowing.  Row Box holds challenges for corporate businesses as well as individuals who compete against one another.  How cool is that?  

Another company, out of California came up with an idea to build trade show booths out of the storage containers. They opened up both the front and the back of the container in order to make the storage container open-like.  You can see in the corners how they used the hinges to hold it together.  Using the storage container for a trade show is a good idea since they are portable and you can use the same one at different trade shows anywhere. 

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