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2 Key Questions about Portable Storage Containers

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Nov 1, 2010

When talking to people about renting or purchasing a portable storage container, I often get a lot of the same questions and concerns.  Today, while showing a customer our inventory in Austin, Texas, I jotted down a few questions he asked.  In my book, no question is a "stupid question," especially when it comes to storage containers- so here's a few I thought I'd share with you:


1. How do you paint portable storage containers?

Yes. Shipping containers are painted when they are first put into service, but the harsh marine environment can cause rusting and make them look bad.  Some good wire brushing, priming, and painting can make the container look better and extend its useful life.  We use Sherwin Williams marine grade enamel, but there are many other paints that are available.  We also recommend that you invest the time to prep the container before you put the paint on in order to inhibit some of the rust.


2.  How do you deliver portable storage containers?

Containers are best delivered via tiltbed trailer.  The truck backs up into the right spot, tilts the bed, and then the container slides off the back of the truck onto the ground.  As long as the ground is flat, and you have enough room for the truck to back in, the delivery will go smoothly.  If not, you need to consider creating a pad, or using wood to level the container out.

If you have any more questions that pop up feel free to e-mail me at and remember, there's never a "stupid" question!


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