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How to evaluate a used storage container

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Oct 1, 2010

When buying a used storage container, you may come across many different types of containers.  One of the first questions potential buyers usually ask me is what to expect from a used storage container.  People want to make sure that "used" doesn't mean they are buying something that looks like it's been beaten to death with gaping holes and broken doors.  

That's why, we grade each individual used storage container in Austin by going through an inspection checklist.  Through this inspection, we decide what "Type" the storage container falls under.  I thought I'd share this checklist with you.

Here are some tips on areas to look for.

  • Doors - How do they swing?
  • Wall dents - how big are they?
  • Condition ot the exterior paint - is there surface rust? or is it deeper?
  • Condition of the interior Paint - again, how's the rust?
  • Roof Condition - are there holes or potential holes?
  • Floors - are there any problem areas?
  • Gaskets - are they well attached and create good seal?
  • Latchgear - are they in good working condition?

Good luck in finding a great used storage container!  If I can help, please email me at


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