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Office Conex in Austin, TX

Posted by Angela Howell on Mon, Oct 04, 2010 @ 11:48 AM

Conex boxes come in all different sizes and are used in many different ways.  Many local construction, electrical, and plumbing contractors in Austin, Texas use an Office Conex on their new construction or remodeling projects.

An Office Conex is a quick, secure and inexpensive solution to needing a place to office out of on a construction site.  The office is basically a finished out workspace that is built inside of a conex.  It has AC/heat, electric and lighting, wiring for phone and internet connections, and is a secure place to be able to keep important documents and workspace equipment.  Because it is a conex as opposed to a trailer, setup and delivery is much simpler and oftentimes less expensive; there is very little skirting, leveling or OSHA stairs to deal with.

The Office Conex comes in several different sizes with different types of floor plans.  We have them in 20’ or 40’ sizes, finished out with one large office or divided into several rooms. There are also Office Conex boxes that are a combination of storage and office so that the construction team can have an office and also securely store jobsite materials all in one conex.

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