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Shipping Containers for Intertube Rentals

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May 13, 2010

For the last two years, the San Marcos Lion's Club has repurposed shipping containers to use for their tube rental business during the Summer.  They run a tube rental station for people to float on the river that runs through San Marcos.  Each year they are able to raise money for their association and the charities that they support, as well as create a fun activity for their community.  Originally they had a structure to use; however, it burned down and they have not been able to replace it.  They use several portable storage containers to hold the tubes and a modified office container to run the transactions.  This has helped simplify their operations and keep the business up and running!

Update: News8Austin just did a story on the San Marcos Lion's Club tube business.  If you look, you'll see Falcon Boxes in the background. 

Check out the news clip here.

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