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Is Renting a Storage Container right for me?

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Jan 17, 2011

People often ask me if renting a storage container is right for them.  There are some situations that call for renting a storage container and some that call for purchasing a container.  Here are some of the most common situations that call for renting a storage container.

  • Contractors, both commercial and residential, find storage container rentals very useful during contruction.  Storage containers provide a safe dry place to stage materials and store tools during the construction project.  On-site storage in a storage container is much more convenient and cost effective than storing things off site.
  • Homeowners often need space in their home when they remodel or sell it.  Storage containers are a great way clear space or stage a home for sale.
  • Churches and other non profit organizations often rent storage containers to store dontaions of food and clothing while they are being collected.  The donated goods are kept safe and dry until they can be distributed to the people who need them.

Stroage container rentals are right for anyone who has a temporary need to store, stage or house anything they need to keep safe and dry.  Next time we'll talk about purchasing a storage container.  In the meantime if you have anytyhing you'd like to share with me I can be contacted at or on twitter at

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