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Shipping Containers in the Construction Industry

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Nov 19, 2010
Shipping Containers in the Construction Industry

Austin and San Antonio are fast growing cities and the Construction Industry is growing as well.  Where there's construction, there's shipping containers.  Construction companies use shipping containers on job sites in several different ways.  Here are some of the more common applications on construction sites:

  • Shipping Containers are used to store tools and equipment on the job site. It's much easier and cost effective to store things on site than it is to move them back and forth every day.
  • Shipping containers are used to stage materials on construction sites.  As materials are received on a job they are staged in shipping containers and removed as they are needed during the construction process.

Shipping containers are also modified into portable buildings and used as construction offices as a place to look at drawings and hold site meetings. 

Here's a picture of a shipping container being used as offices on a construction site:

shipping container office
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