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How is the Quality of a Used Shipping Container Determined?

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Oct 18, 2010

I get asked all the time how do you grade the quality of your shipping containers?  While there isn't an industry standard and other people may do it differently I can tell you how we do it, which may in turn help you come up with a grading system as well.  We have three different classifications for used shipping containers.

  1. Type 1- "Type 1" Shipping Containers are high quality, gently used shipping container with little or no rust and very few dents.  "Type 1" shipping containers are commonly used for building modificatied containers such as a cool box or a container office.  About 5% to 10% of all used shipping containers are "Type 1".
  2. Type 2- "Type 2" Shipping Containers are the most common used shipping containers.  "Type 2" shipping containers generally have some surface and cosmetic rust and the walls have some dents.  To be considered a "Type 2" Shipping Container it must be wind and water tight, no holes, good floor and a good roof. "Type 2" shipping containers are commonly used for dry storage and some simple modifications such as a personnel door or roll-up door. About 75 to 80% of all used shipping containers are "Type 2".
  3. Type 3- "Type 3" Shipping Container are used shipping container that has significant wear and tear.  "Type 3" shipping containers are more banged up, have more rust than the Type 2 and often have some problems such as small holes or larger dents.  "Type 3" containers are well suited to the Do-It-Yourself customer who is willing to do some minor repairs and welding to the used shipping container.  About 10% to 20% of all used shipping containers are "Type 3".

I hope this explanation of how we grade our used shipping containers here in Austin Texas will help you evaluate used shipping containers. 

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