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Employee Spotlight: Falcon Containers’ Norfolk Facility is Up and Running

Posted by Stephen Shang on Wed, Sep 26, 2012 @ 10:00 AM

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Meet Brian Salmon, one of our newest additions to the management staff here at Falcon Containers. Brian has joined the Falcon Team as the Production Manager for our Norfolk Facility, which opened for operation in June 2012. This week marks the shipment of our first Norfolk project completion of five shipping containers to Quantico, VA for use as a military training structure for the US Marines.

Brian brings a wealth of experience to Falcon with a strong background in manufacturing, welding and fitting. Having spent a bulk of his career with a pre-stressed concrete manufacturing industry leader in the northeast and having worked on projects ranging from college football stadiums to parking facilities at international airports, Brian is thrilled to be bring his expertise to Falcon’s current and future projects.

Our Norfolk facility will be fabricating repurposed shipping containers for use in the military and industrial markets. This fabrication is a special skill set and Brian has recruited, hired and trained a great team of individuals to manage and complete these projects.

Repurposed shipping containers are in abundance in the shipyards of Norfolk as supplies and goods arrive daily in thousands of containers from overseas ports. These conex boxes are given a second life by our company. We repurpose these 20’ and 40’ 16 gauge steel corrugated boxes into structures for military training structures and other storage, work and industrial living uses.

Brian has taken the ball and run with it in our Norfolk facility with introducing efficient work processes and employee training in the fabrication of our repurposed shipping containers to better serve our customer base. He has built a great team with experience and energy to tackle the projects we will be producing out of Norfolk.  We are thrilled to welcome Brian and his wife Joann and his children to the Falcon Container family.

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