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My Shipping Container Isn’t Needed Any Longer, Now What?

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Feb 1, 2013
My Shipping Container Isn’t Needed Any Longer, Now What?

questionYou expanded your office space, you increased your storage and now you are relocating.  The repurposed shipping container that got you through this expansion is no longer needed. What are your options?

In any business, the lifecycle of capital assets is a continuous flow with stops at life cycle points.  From procurement of the asset to maintenance of the asset through its life to final disposal, this asset lifecycle takes place with a building structure, office furniture and IT assets for every company.

Your repurposed shipping container who has served you through your expansion, remote worksite deployment, or inventory project is a capital asset that still has value.

Capital Asset Life Cycle


As the life cycle stages are laid out and reviewed, we are taking a moment to start a discussion and pose a question to our clients.

Maintenance – Would it be valuable to participate in a Warranty Program and be provided an ‘on-site’ inspection to ensure the repurposed shipping container is functioning to the standards required?

The life of the container can be extended through a continuous maintenance program ensuring proper functioning. Do you see this as valuable?

End of Life - Your project began with the use of a repurposed shipping container that was beginning a second life function. These structures have a long life due to the integrity of the materials used in building this structure.

Would it be valuable to be offered a “Remove and Renew” program? Is the prospect of having this asset taken off your hands at the end of its usefulness for your business something to consider?

We pose these questions out to the field and to our industry to begin a discussion.  Repurposed shipping containers are structures whose lifecycle can continue over and over with its purpose changing. An insulated repurposed shipping container that served as storage for one company, could be “Removed and Renewed” and modified into a mobile office for another company.  Thus restarting its own lifecycle again.

We look forward to comments from the field on this discussion and feedback on some of our developing ideas. 

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