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What does a Mobile MOUT Village Look Like?

Feb 15, 2013

We had a question from the field recently inquiring into our level of experience in developing training structures for our military forces.  A view into a Mobile MOUT Training village was requested and we were thrilled to pull from our archives a short video of a project we completed in 2010.  Mobile MOUT is the acronym for Mobile Military Operations in Urban Terrain. Falcon Containers develops a broad range of modular non-live fire and live fire war-fighter training buildings with the use of repurposed shipping containers for use by our military forces.

How Does the Military Use Modified Shipping Containers

After Action Review Structures (AAR), Urban Operations Training Sites (UOTS), counter Improvised Explosive Device (IED) training lanes and Mobile MOUT villages are developed to emulate conditions experienced by our deployed troops.  Falcon creates these villages using conex boxes modified into single story and multi-level structures that include windows and doors and interior stairways, railings and walls.  The exterior fabrication that takes place helps create a realistic structure that assists in simulating a combat environment our troops may experience overseas.

See Modified Shipping Container Training Structures in Action

Our video highlights a project for the US Army that was completed in 2010 comprised of 96 containers used to build 42 separate buildings, a pedestrian overpass and a mosque dome.  A recent press release highlights a project we are in the midst of creating for our US Airforce Special Operations Command. It is with great pride that Falcon Containers continues to develop training structures for our military forces to assist with equipping our soldiers with the training to return home safely from combat overseas.

Falcon MOUT Training Complex


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