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Floating Robotic Shipping Containers for DARPA Project

Mar 7, 2013

Ingenuity and resourcefulness are great things. As time passes, our industry sees more interesting and amazing projects and solutions happening with the use of repurposed shipping containers. In my hunt for cool stories regarding the use of our conex fleet, I came upon a project at the University of Pennsylvania sponsored by The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA).

A Secure Floating Platform Made of Shipping Containers

Students at University of Pennsylvania are working together on a modeling project using repurposed shipping containers in a robotic capacity.  The water-resistant structure of a conex box and the displacement of water of these structures allows for floating due to their inherent design. Shipping containers lost at sea due to cargo displacement have been known to float for months before sinking. 

The abundance and availability of repurposed shipping containers, their low cost to acquire, ease of mobility and their ability to float were among some of the key reasons this structure was chosen as the base for this disaster solution.

Robotic Shipping Containers

DARPA is an organization that works to prevent surprise that would negatively affect our US national security and to help maintain technological superiority of the US military. Through applied research, this organization addresses proactive, innovative practices to assist with disaster solutions.

These amazing students and their professor have used a robotic swarming technique with remote controlled conex box models to develop a potential solution for bridge collapse, emergency runway or for the need for a stable platform in any open water environment.

The innovation and ideas keep surfacing in the use of repurposed shipping containers. Be sure to keep a look out for future posts at the Boxpert Blog highlighting more creative uses for conex boxes. You can view our website to learn more about some of the Falcon Structures' client solutions.

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