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Shipping Containers Are Stealing the Show for Film & TV Crew Storage

Sep 4, 2013
Shipping Containers Are Stealing the Show for Film & TV Crew Storage
Modified shipping container used as storage at film set.

Film and television crews need many theatrical items on location, both large and small; props, lighting, and costumes must all be available on site. These items are often valuable, so they must be easily accessible during filming, while remaining safe and protected from the elements. In addition, since sets move frequently, it's helpful to have a portable form of storage. Conex boxes are one of the best ways to store equipment during filming, and for that reason they have been increasingly used by the film industry over the last several years.

Shipping Containers Make Storage Secure

When you are storing thousands of dollars of equipment, much of it not easily replaced, you want to be sure that the storage location is virtually unbreachable. Shipping containers are very secure, keeping what's inside accessible only to those who are authorized.

Shipping containers are designed to protect items from wind, water, and damage during sea voyages. They are built to resist harsh elements. All of our shipping containers are certified to be wind and water resistant, and their high quality means that they will last for many years.

Film Studios Can Customize Shipping Containers

You may discover unique needs over the course of filming. Falcon Containers offers many customizable options when providing Conex for sale, including:

  • Exterior paint - If it's important for you to have a distinctive look, your storage boxes can be custom painted with a color or design that fits your needs.
  • Extra doors - For ease of access, having a second door can be helpful, especially in larger containers. Additionally, a roll-up door can make it easy to move large pieces of equipment in and out of the box. 
  • Climate control - If you're storing items that respond poorly to heat and humidity, you can opt for a Cool Box, which is equipped with an HVAC system and insulation to maintain a regulated temperature.

Conex Containers Are Portable

Instead of having to assemble new storage spaces at each place you film, you can move your Conex box with you. Conex boxes are designed to be transported using standard trailers and equipment, which means that transportation is an easy process. All that's needed to set up a Conex box is level ground, so it can go wherever you're filming.

Shipping containers can also be part of your company's efforts to become more eco-friendly.  Since Conex boxes are repurposed steel shipping containers, they have a low environmental impact during the production process.

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