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Can I Containerize It? Photos of Modified Shipping Containers

Aug 17, 2017
Can I Containerize It? Photos of Modified Shipping Containers

There’s a lot to be said for showing instead of telling when it comes to shipping containers’ potential for businesses. Take a look through this SlideShare to see some notable projects like the temporary village we built for the US Military and equipment enclosures for IT on the go.

Our regular product line has some great fixes for common business problems, but we’re always intrigued when customers comes to us with unique challenges. Custom requests like the pool cabana you’ll see below remind us how versatile shipping containers are and keep our creativity flowing.

10 modified shipping containers to look for in our SlideShare:

1. Mobile offices. Standard shipping container offices come equipped with climate control, professional office finishes, work stations, and turnkey electrical. Enhance comfort and convenience with a private restroom.

2. Industrial equipment enclosures. Need to protect valuable equipment at or adjacent to oil fields, construction sites, mining job sites, water treatment facilities, or miles of pipeline? Falcon industrial equipment enclosures can be built to suit with climate control, spill-containment flooring, and pass-through access points for plumbing and electrical.

3. Mobile IT rooms. ISO containers can be modified to serve as mobile IT rooms that protect delicate equipment regardless of the temperature outside. IT rooms also need to move when job sites move. Climate controlled shipping containers kill two birds – temperature control and mobility – with one stone.

4. Living spaces. Weather-resistant, climate controlled shipping containers are ideal for workforce housing at remote job sites, oil field crew quarters, border patrol accommodations, and more. Falcon’s containerized living spaces come with turnkey plumbing and private restrooms for added comfort and convenience.

5. Comfort stations. Employee productivity increases when workers have access to clean, climate controlled spaces to relax, store valuables, and clean up. Falcon’s mobile restrooms, comfort stations, and locker rooms deliver.

6. Military training facilities. Since 2008, the U.S. military has turned to Falcon to create military training solutions out of ISO shipping containers, due to the temporary nature of container structures and Falcon’s short lead time.

7. Emergency management and disaster relief buildings. Rapidly deployable and easy to relocate, portable conex containers with turnkey electrical and plumbing suit the needs of disaster relief organizations and mobile clinics perfectly.

8. Custom shipping container solutions. When Falcon’s standard shipping container product line won’t do, a custom conex container solution may be in order. From pool cabanas to retail shops to multi-level living, entertainment, and training structures, shipping containers can be customized to fit a variety of needs.

9. Storage containers. When Falcon Structures was launched in 2003, providing secure storage containers for construction sites was the crux of our business. Shipping containers still offer one of the safest and most secure storage solutions for protecting tools, equipment, files, and other valuables. Plus, climate control options are available.

10. Combination office/storage container. When personnel need fast and easy access to stored assets or supplies, 20-ft or 40-ft work and store container offices are the perfect fit.

Want to learn how shipping container solutions can improve efficiencies for your organization? Give us a call at 877-704-0177 to speak with one of our friendly sales reps.

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