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The Container Bar made from Conex in Austin, Texas

The Container Bar made from Conex in Austin, Texas

I've heard this idea being tossed around a lot over the years here in Austin, Texas, but to see it finally coming to fruition is awesome!  Living in central Texas we have ten months of summer and only two months of winter so designing a bar completely out of shipping containers is such a fantastic idea.  We love being outdoors.  Our most popular bars and restaurants have patios or rooftop decks to enjoy the weather.  The way they have laid out these shipping containers has given them a lot of versatility; different rooms could mean different themes.  Read the entire article for details.   

 Here are just a few things I think make this project such a success.

  • Versatility of using shipping containers- If they want to change the layout or design it can easily be done.
  • In Austin we're all about going green and this project is definitely Green.
  • Costs are minimal
  • Great outdoor space to have live bands-after all we are the Music Capital of the World

Plus, the new Shipping Container Bar is going to be situated right in the heart of our famous 6th Street area.  As we all know, location is always key and this place definitely hit the mark. 

 PostScript: The Bar is up! Here's a photo:

container bar.jpg

The Container Bar, 2014. David Mah. CC BY 2.0.

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