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How Thoughtful Electrical Connections Save Valuable Set-Up Time

May 6, 2020
How Thoughtful Electrical Connections Save Valuable Set-Up Time

Nearly all the shipping containers we modify here at Falcon Structures require electrical connections to power air conditioning, lights, and other essential features. Electrical connection is a necessity for any office, living space, or climate-controlled storage unit. We wanted to simplify the process of connecting and powering large, multi-container buildings to help save our customers time and money. With our crossover electrical system, you’ll have your container structure powered up in no time.

What is a Crossover Electrical System?

Crossover Electrical System

This collection of color coordinated outlets and plugs is made specifically for multi-unit container structures, allowing one power source to energize an entire container building. The crossover electrical circuits and packages of circuits support the most common shared circuits.

Our crossover electrical system allows the container set-up crew to connect units together without the need for an electrician. This way, as the containers are combined, the internal electrical wiring is ready to be powered as a collective unit.

The electrical wiring of the shipping containers takes place on-site at our manufacturing facility. Our on-staff electrician works with our engineering and production teams to ensure the shipping containers are modified with electrical connections in mind.

Once your container is delivered to its new location and properly placed, simply slide the provided cords across to the joining container and match each plug with the correctly colored outlet. Once the structure is connected to the main power source, the entire structure will have power.

Crossover Electrical

How Can the Crossover Electrical System Save Time and Money?

Our crossover electrical system helps our customers easily manage larger container structures by saving them time and money with the added benefit of eliminating the confusion of electrical connections.

Saving Time

Set-up crews can quickly combine the containers, connecting them like puzzle pieces upon arrival. This shortens the set-up time, eliminating the confusion that may come with other electrical wiring projects.

Because set-up crews can easily handle the connections between boxes, hired electricians can focus on connecting the entire structure to power. If the structure requires relocation, simply disconnect the crossover electrical connections prior to transportation, and reconnect at the new location.

Crossover Electrical Cover Panels

Saving Money

Thanks to the time saved during set-up, the cost of labor is reduced overall. The set-up crew can quickly connect the containers and the electrician can focus on connecting the entire structure to power without time spent figuring out internal electrical wiring.

It’s still important that you hire an electrician to connect your container to its power source. This task can be dangerous for those unfamiliar with the process. However, the crossover electrical system makes the electrician’s job much easier by allowing the set-up crew to connect the containers as they place them.

If you need to add electrical to a shipping container or multi-container structure, we’d be happy to fabricate your entire container project from start to finish. Throughout the design and delivery process we will provide you with all the necessary documentation and advice needed to ensure your container is safely powered. Reach us at 877-704-0177 or Sales@FalconStructures.com.

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