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How Container Based Structures Improve Response to COVID-19

Mar 25, 2020
How Container Based Structures Improve Response to COVID-19

Many hospitals, medical facilities, communities, and government agencies need emergency space solutions amid the current COVID-19 outbreak. The coronavirus forces medical staff to rearrange hospitals to properly quarantine patients, haphazardly store supplies in remaining space, and conduct screenings in mobile tents. To improve these response efforts, we’re prepared to supply reliable, quickly deployable, and cost-effective solutions for organizations on the front lines of this pandemic. Here’s everything you need to know about emergency response modular container units:

Benefits of Emergency Response Container Units

  1. Isolation – Easily remove containers from congested or impacted areas.
  2. Comfort – Modifications can include home-like features to comfort individuals.
  3. Sanitary conditions – It’s much easier to maintain a container structure than a tent or tarp.
  4. Temperature control – Easily outfit container structures with proper air conditioning to accommodate different needs.
  5. Accessibility – Added Wi-Fi and telecom connections promote quicker response to evolving needs.
  6. Plumbing & electricity – Include a full or half bathroom, maybe even a portable handwashing station, as needed.

Emergency Relief and COVID-19 Response Uses:

Emergency Relief and COVID-19 Response Container

Healthcare Testing Units

As healthcare officials administer more COVID-19 tests, medical care facilities must adjust to avoid further contagion. Instead of ushering patients through a series of tents, shipping container mobile clinics create a comfortable space to administer tests. Modifying a container to include separate rooms further promotes patient isolation.

Temporary Patient Care Units

In order to separate those infected with coronavirus from other hospital visitors, hospitals must rearrange and displace many patients. To control this displacement, use several modified 40-foot shipping containers with restrooms to house, monitor, and care for patients.

Mobile Bathrooms and Handwashing Stations

Mobile Bathrooms and Handwashing Stations

For hospitals, a community centers, or another organizations, easily placing mobile washrooms in an empty parking lot promotes cleanliness as well as comfort.

Training Units

Organizations and communities may want to utilize training facilities to prepare for and respond to COVID-19. These organizations will quickly receive shipping container structures to train medical staff or first responders and prepare them to take appropriate action.

Answers to Common Shipping Container Questions

Administrative Offices

As buildings adjust to accommodate the new needs associated with COVID-19, companies may require additional office spaces. Many pop-up facilities would also benefit from an enclosed administrative space. Shipping containers provide a secluded and enclosed option to minimize contact with others. Furthermore, modified container structures include climate control and weather resistance benefits, unlike temporary tents, which are susceptible to inclement weather.

Medical Supply Storage Unit

Supply Storage

Companies relocating stored materials to meet new demands or those distributing large quantities of supplies likely need separate storage units. With shipping container structures, security and accessibility remain a priority.

And More

If your organization needs additional space that isn’t listed above, give us a call at 877-704-0177 or email us at Sales@FalconStructures.com. We will customize a container structure to help you combat COVID-19. Browse our what’s possible page to see our capabilities. And finally, we want to thank you for your diligent work and sacrifice in these trying times.

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