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How Shipping Container Lifespan Helps Businesses Outlast Hard Times

Apr 28, 2020
How Shipping Container Lifespan Helps Businesses Outlast Hard Times

Every company must evolve to meet new needs as they arise. The ebb and flow of industry changes and market demands require proactive preparation. Whether you’re happy with the current state of your business – or maybe you’re hoping for brighter days – anticipating future challenges is pivotal. An important step in that preparation is investing in infrastructure that outlasts hardship and helps propel your business toward future growth.

The longevity of modified shipping container structures helps many businesses endure more than harsh weather or frequent relocations; it helps companies outlast difficult business seasons. Whether the structure is a climate-controlled storage unit, a multi-level office, an emergency response facility, or a customized structure, modified shipping containers help companies meet current needs and prepare for their future.

What Makes a Shipping Container’s Lifespan So Long?

What Makes a Shipping Container’s Lifespan So Long

Shipping container manufacturers design durable and long-lasting units to travel by sea, giving them an average lifespan of 25-years. Even after containers are repurposed into container-based structures, they continue to have impressive longevity. Because of this, repurposed structures assist companies in different ways for many years to come.

Shipping containers are made of high-quality corten steel, making the walls difficult to penetrate and less likely to warp over time than wood or other alternative building material. As modifications take place, internal framing can help reinforce the strength of the structure if necessary. Added air conditioning units increase a container’s durability in harsh weather by controlling the internal temperature. New coats of paint and sealants are added as a protective shell to the exterior of the structure. Each modification made to a container structure helps the unit better fulfill its purpose and withstand the test of time.

How Does a Shipping Container’s Longevity Help Businesses?

How Does a Shipping Container’s Longevity Help Businesses

The ability to repurpose a shipping container multiple times over its lifetime helps businesses adapt as needed. As modifications are made by companies like Falcon Structures, shipping containers transform from cargo boxes into a variety of structures.

Container Portability and Relocation

No matter what the unit becomes, once the container structure arrives at its new location, the modularity of the containers allows companies to place their new structure wherever space allows. Similarly, expanding companies can relocate container structures to different areas within the same plot of land if necessary, or the container can travel with the organization as they relocate.

Easy Expansion with Shipping Containers

Shipping containers also allow for easy expansion. Companies can stack and combine shipping containers to create larger facilities from the get-go, or they can add on to an existing container structure overtime. The ability to choose when to add a new container unit helps many organizations navigate available funds and maintain control of company growth. For example, some businesses may choose to add additional office space to accommodate new employees, or they may need additional container storage to organize new inventory as production increases.

Easy Expansion with Shipping Containers

Repurpose Containers More than Once

Companies that order a container structure for one purpose can reuse the structure in new ways as business needs change. For example, a medical relief facility used by hospitals to care for an influx of patients can become a secure and easily accessible storage or lab testing space once patient numbers decrease.

Choosing Shipping Container Infrastructure

The choice to invest in shipping container structures helps companies adapt to current and future challenges. Companies can relocate the units, expand them, and repurpose them to meet new needs as they arise, and thanks to a shipping container’s lifespan, the container structures will continue to support businesses for as long as they are needed.

Let’s design a container structure to help your business thrive both now and in the future. Our team will help you design your ideal structure, we’ll modify it as needed, and make sure it’s helpful for your company. Give us a call at 877-704-0177 or email us at Sales@FalconStructures.com to discuss your container project.

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