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Conex on Campus: Shipping Container Structures in Education

Sep 21, 2022
Conex on Campus: Shipping Container Structures in Education

High schools, middle schools, elementary schools, and even colleges face unique spatial challenges that containers can help alleviate. When a campus needs more space, modified shipping containers offer climate-controlled, portable, and durable enclosures.

Simplify file storage, offer locker room space, or host community events with the support of containers. Using a few modified containers can often help schools, just like yours, adapt throughout the school year.

Storage Space for Schools

shipping container storage unit for school

Files, computers, desks, decorations, you name it—containers can help you store whatever your campus needs. Modified conex boxes aren’t like any old storage unit, manufacturing teams take time to understand why you need a new space to make sure you get the right temperature control, entry points, and features to organize your inventory.

Out of Sight or Part of School Pride

If your goal is to keep stored electronics and equipment safe, containers help keep valuables securely locked away and out of sight—often an important security measure when visitors and other groups utilize school facilities.

Instead of keeping storage incognito, choose to brand the side of your box with school colors and logos. This is a simple way to showcase your school pride, especially for athletic storage units near game fields.

Transform Sports, Clubs, and Campus Events

UTSA tailgate shipping container

Bathrooms and Locker Rooms

Add closer bathrooms to the tennis courts or additional stalls outside the football stadium to disperse the large game-day crowd. Shipping container restrooms are a better and more comfortable option when compared to portable outhouses.

Containers also offer a simple locker room solution. Remember how the soccer team has been begging for their own designated locker room? Creating additional space for them doesn’t have to be a challenge (and you might become their hero in the process). Modified containers offer safe, professional-looking spaces that help you avoid constructing an entirely new building or dealing with untimely renovations.

modified shipping container restroom

Flexible Solutions

If your school hosts events and tournaments—whether sports-related, social, or academic—having portable yet reliable spaces can help you utilize your entire campus, not just the traditional school building.

5 Steps to Designing Your Modified Shipping Container

Shipping containers can help transform a school parking lot into a community gathering space with easy access to climate-controlled infrastructure. Maybe your school needs a portable container office to administer rapid COVID tests to campus visitors. Or consider how a 20-foot modified container would be an ideal breakroom to house referees in between tournament games. The possibilities are endless and luckily, containers are adaptable, helping you transition from one campus even to the next with ease.

Container-Based Offices

shipping container office with green stripe

Not only is a container-based office a great solution for staff overflow, as it’s stronger and more reliable than a traditional portable building, but it can also help you manage campus security. Add an office, security station, or parking lot monitor booth to check in students, faculty, and guests at various campus entrances.

Regardless of how you choose to use your modified containers, you’ll get the benefit of quick site setup, unlike other campus construction projects that take years to complete. Make the most of your existing space without sacrificing quality, comfort, or professionalism and use containers to face new challenges head-on.

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