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Custom Storage Conex Shipping Container

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Nov 5, 2010
Custom Storage Conex Shipping Container

When looking at a storage container, initially one may think that there is not a lot you can change about it.  When I first started working at Falcon Structures, I had the same thoughts, it seemed pretty simple, there are 20' storage containers and 40' storage containers.  

Conex storage container with shelving and roll up door.

It didn't take long to realize how wrong I was, and how many different types of modifications you can do to storage containers, transforming them into almost anything imaginable.  Since working at Falcon, I have seen the many different projects we have worked on, and have received many calls on our custom storage container modification options.  Here's just a few examples from customer's I talked to today:

  • A customer called in wanting to transform a 20' storage container into a ticket booth.  He needed a 20' storage container with insulation, AC, Electrical, a personnel door, and one window which they would be able to open to help customers from the outside.
  • A company was needing a place to store a 10' wide vehicle, and wanted the rest of the space to use as an office area.  They want to put two 20' storage containers together, creating a wider space for the vehicle to fit, and then finish out the inside of the storage container so that employees can work there during the day.
  • A woman wanted to create an art studio in her back yard using two 20' storage containers, five windows, a personnel door, and electrical/AC.  

It is amazing how many unique ideas people think of using storage containers.  If you have an idea of how to customize a storage container, feel free to ask me at

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