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5 Shipping Container Floor Options to Ensure Durability

Aug 12, 2020
5 Shipping Container Floor Options to Ensure Durability

Modified shipping containers become durable structures for many companies storing industrial items, housing field personnel, or providing job site office space. Shipping container floors play a major role in improving durability and longevity of portable shipping containers. Based on the intended use of the container structure, some flooring options are more beneficial than others. Learn more about our 5 shipping container floor options as you design your ideal container space.


Shipping Container Floor Options

1. Original Plywood or Bamboo Flooring


Shipping container manufacturers construct the units with plywood or bamboo flooring – depending on the manufacturer. They infuse this original flooring with insect pesticides to protect the floor and the contents of the containers as they ship cargo across the ocean. Although some may find this concerning, there is no need to fear the pesticides in the flooring because it is a small amount harmful only to insect stowaways. As container manufacturers modify the units into structures, many companies opt to keep the original flooring or seal it with an epoxy coating – described in more detail below.

2. Imitation Wood Vinyl Planks


Adding imitation wood vinyl planks to a modified container helps creates a stylish and professional space. Typically, organizations that request this type of flooring want them in their offices or living spaces. By adding this flooring, modified container become a more comfortable and homey space.

Falcon offers three shades of imitation wood vinyl planks: a light finish, a medium finish, and a dark finish. No matter which shade is chosen, the planks will be installed directly over the original shipping container flooring.

3. Coin Vinyl


Coin vinyl shipping container flooring is water resistant and can easily be mopped and hosed down for cleaning. Coin vinyl shipping container floors come in two shades, tan or grey. This flooring is beneficial for companies using container structures as bathrooms, greenhouses, or offices with frequent foot traffic. Additionally, it’s a great surface to protect against oil, dirt, acid, and more. Coin vinyl is rolled out directly over the original plywood flooring.

Answers to Common Shipping Container Questions

4. Aluminum or Steel Flooring


Shipping container steel flooring is often requested for industrial applications. This shipping container flooring option comes in steel plates with a smooth finish or tread steel with high traction. Both options are watertight and can be sprayed with warm water and wiped down.

5. Epoxy Coating


Epoxy coating can be added to many of the above shipping container floor options to add an additional protective seal. If requested, Falcon will pour a grey epoxy coating over original container flooring or steel flooring. Adding an epoxy coat creates a slip resistant surface while adding a nice finish on top.

Many organizations that choose to keep the original flooring of the shipping container also opt to cover the floor in an epoxy coating. This includes modified offices, storage spaces, industrial enclosures, and more.

Additional Shipping Container Modifications

Deciding which shipping container floor option best suits your ideal container structure is only one piece of the modification process. Choosing the right walls, doors, and window options are also important steps when designing a custom container. To inquire about your own container structure, give Falcon a call at 877-704-0177 or email us at Sales@FalconStructures.com.

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