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Deploying Portable Restrooms Can be Easier – Our New Floor Plans

Bathrooms & Locker Rooms
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Jun 26, 2019
Deploying Portable Restrooms Can be Easier – Our New Floor Plans

Nobody likes using a Porta-Potty, yet businesses that frequently relocate their operations previously had few options for portable restrooms. As word about container-based structures has spread, people have turned to shipping containers as the more durable alternative to bathroom trailers. We’ve gotten so many requests for containerized bathrooms that we decided to create new product offerings. Here are our latest floor plans with answers to frequently asked questions.

The 40-foot Dual Gender Shipping Container

40-foot shipping container converted into a portable restroom

Starting Price: $46,466

The 20-foot Single Gender Shipping Container

20-foot shipping container converted into a portable restroom

Starting Price: $24,840

See Detailed Specs

Why choose a shipping container restroom?

Shipping container restrooms are far more pleasant to use than porta-potties, and last longer than restroom trailers. Climate control, flush toilets and active ventilation minimize odors and make employees in the field feel more comfortable and more appreciated. The steel walls of the container ensure the structure can stand up to intense use and relocation.

Who gets the most out of shipping container bathrooms?

Businesses and government organizations operating in remote locations use shipping container bathrooms to boost employee morale. Restaurants have also requested shipping container bathrooms when they need to add restroom capacity quickly, but generally need custom designs to comply with the standards set for publicly used spaces.

Urinals inside of a portable restroom

How do these portable restrooms connect to water and sewage?

Both floor plans include an intake valve for fresh water and a standard sized plumbing port. Connecting shipping container restroom plumbing is very similar to connecting an RV. The plumbing port can be quickly and easily connected to either a black water tank or a sewage line.

Do the bathrooms have to be built in a high cube (9.5-foot tall) container?

Yes. The floors are raised inside of bathroom containers to conceal the plumbing.

Interior shot of a conex converted into a portable restroom

Are these floor plans ADA compliant?

No, but we can modify them to be ADA compliant at your request. To achieve ADA compliance, a reduction in the number of toilets or urinals would be required to create enough room for a person with disabilities to maneuver into a stall.

Why are there more male stalls in the dual gender container?

Most of our customers ordering shipping container bathrooms have majority male work forces. This design is a reflection of the most frequently requested specs in previous bathrooms we’ve manufactured. We understand that other customers will require equally sized sections, and we’re happy to alter the design for your needs.

Still have questions? You can always contact us at sales@falconstructures.com or give us a call at 877-704-0177.

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