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3 Steps to Find the Best Prefab Office Building for Your Business

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Oct 14, 2020
3 Steps to Find the Best Prefab Office Building for Your Business

Finding the right prefab office building for your company doesn’t have to be a daunting process. Many organizations have created their ideal prefab office by working with knowledgeable manufacturers to include specific elements the business requires. Follow these three steps as you plan for your own prefab office: One, determine the elements of a prefab office that will best support your organization. Two, research your prefab options, understanding that some options work better than others. Three, contact the right manufacturer to schedule a consultation – setting your plans in motion.

1. Determine What You Need


First, it’s important to understand what prefab (prefabrication) construction means. Prefab building elements are standardized building materials, created in a factory-type setting, that are later assembled onsite. With that definition in mind, it’s also important to determine what specifications you require from a prefab office building. Pinpointing the elements that bring the most benefit to your organization will help ensure your company receives its ideal structure. A well-designed structure will help support those working inside the office each day. Three factors should be considered as you design your office, including:

a.)    Size

What dimensions do you need from an office structure? Do you need a single unit, multiple units, or combined units? For example, when utilizing modified shipping containers as office units, you have the option to combine containers into larger spaces or choose from a variety of different sized single units. Ultimately, getting specific about size will help to narrow down options.

b.)    Location

Where will you locate your office building? Based on location, your office structure may require modifications to suit that local. For example, if the climate is excessively cold or hot, modifications such as insulation and industrial air conditioning units can help regulate the temperature in the structure.


c.)    Will You Relocate in the Future?

Prefabricated offices are often easy to transport, often making relocation a possibility for organizations. It’s important for your organization to determine if you need to relocate your prefab office in the future. Keep in mind that you’ll want to communicate this to the manufacturer you work with ahead of time. Certain modifications may be better suited for a mobile office unit – like built in desk and counter space.

2. Research Prefab Office Building Options


It’s important to research prefabrication options to ensure you get the right office structure for your company. Prefab construction can range from using traditional construction materials to utilizing more unique building elements, like repurposed shipping containers. Each building option offers a diverse set of benefits.

Modified Shipping Container Buildings

Repurposed shipping containers are modified offsite in a controlled manufacturing facility as individual units. These units can later combine as they arrive on site to create larger buildings, or they can be placed directly on flat, even ground, nearly turnkey. Learn more about shipping container-based office buildings here.

3. Contact a Manufacturer – Schedule Your Consultation


Once you have a good grasp of what your prefab office structure should look like, and after you’ve determined which prefabrication method you’d like to pursue, it’s time to reach out to an expert. Calling a manufacturer to answer any specific questions you may have will help set your office plans in motion – equipping you with the details you need to officially order your prefab office.

Here at Falcon Structures, we’re happy to discuss your project in detail. Discover how our approach to shipping container prefabrication may solve problems for your company. Give us a call at  877-704-0177 or email us at Sales@FalconStructures.com. Our modified container experts will help get your project in motion!

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