4 Reasons to Use a Shipping Container Prefab Equipment Shelter

When you simplify it, a prefab equipment shelter is just a modular structure that’s prefabricated at an offsite location, but for many companies, these shelters protect vital equipment. If a company relies on server rooms, electrical control rooms, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) shelters, chemical processing equipment shelters, audio equipment shelters, and more, it must take every step necessary to find a trustworthy and useful prefab unit.

Many companies have turned to repurposed shipping containers to act as prefab equipment shelters, leveraging their inherent mobility, security, and durability. Here are four reasons why industrial businesses choose shipping container prefab shelters time and again for their sensitive equipment.

Shipping Container Prefab Equipment Shelters Are:

1. Modifiable

interior shipping container with metal walls and ceiling

Prefab shelters often house valuable equipment in a variety of locations that require unique customizations. Unlike off-the-shelf prefab equipment shelters, shipping containers can be modified to meet the needs of specific requirements. Many common modifications include:

  • Industrial-grade HVAC systems
  • Utility ports and bulkheads
  • Plug-and-play plumbing and electrical
  • Water-resistant flooring and walls
  • Floor drains
  • Exterior paint sealants for water treatment settings
  • Weather-resistant and pest-resistant seals

2. Durable and Resistant to the Elements

Shipping containers are designed to withstand years at sea, so they’re equipped to handle harsh environments as repurposed structures—they even have a 25-year lifespan. Manufacturers can also modify containers to enhance their durability, especially against the possibility of theft.

Windows might include burglar bars and personnel doors might include keypad entry. Shipping containers are constructed of sturdy, 16-gauge, vertically corrugated, galvanized steel, making them stronger than many of the alternative prefab structures that deteriorate considerably faster.

3. Easy to Transport

Herc Rentals shipping container equipment enclosure on wheels

Shipping containers are inherently transportable. They fit on a truck and can be lifted by cranes and industrial-sized forklifts. The same can’t be said for other, flimsier prefab equipment structures, especially as they travel across the country. Modified shipping containers are much better suited for multiple relocations.

4. Delivered Ready for Equipment Installation

prefab equipment enclosure shipping container with two doors

Once they arrive at the job site, shipping containers can be unloaded and set up in a matter of minutes to hours. Some containers might require a pre-poured foundation and others only need flat, level ground, making remote location logistics easier to manage. Power connections and plumbing ports are designed into the container, making on-site connections simple.

Container equipment shelters and alternative prefab equipment shelters both come with their fair share of benefits, but in terms of modifications, durability, transportation, and quick installation, containers are favored for long-term, reliable use. Need more info? Discover the possibilities with shipping containers here:

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