Case Study

Modular Equipment Shelters for UPS Systems


Portable Power

Active Power, creates UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply) solutions using flywheels. When there’s an outage in grid power, their technology smoothly transitions manufacturers, hospitals, telecom technology, and other critical services to generator power without a blip. A customer with a manufacturing plant requested that Active Power place their UPS technology inside a customized shipping container shelter.


Key Challenges

Create a Secure and Modular Shelter for UPS Equipment

The modular shelter needed to protect Active Power’s UPS equipment, which included a backup generator, switch gear, and air conditioners alongside the flywheel UPS system, from weather, pests, and vandalism. A modular and portable solution would also reduce costs for the equipment’s long journey to the manufacturer and compress set-up time.

A Weatherproof 40-foot Equipment Shelter

A shipping container modified to have weatherproof utility ports and doors was a secure shelter for the UPS equipment. Sound attenuating perforated steel also reduced the humming of the industrial air conditioners. The plain white container exterior was designed to look uninteresting and unassuming to deter vandalism.

Falcon Structures ensured the mobile garage could easily move through customs by installing a pest-proof aluminum finish-out with spray foam insulation. In addition to climate control, the container also includes 220 V outlets for Black Swan’s power tools.


The Solution


Key Features Include

  • Framed cut-outs strong enough to hold industrial climate control systems.
  • Epoxy coated floors.
  • A secure and weather proof personnel door for easy technician access.
  • Insulated interior walls with perforated steel for noise attenuation.