Storage Containers for Property Owners and Outdoorsmen

Weather-resistant storage durable enough for the outdoors

Expand your storage options beyond the garage; shipping containers offer secure storage for your high-value equipment. Plug and play lighting, shelving and electrical outlets turn containers into a stand-alone space for maintenance equipment and hobbies. Unlike the time-consuming stick-built structures, containers arrive on your land ready for use.

Shipping container storage arrives on your property quickly to store hobby equipment and files.


Key Modification Options:

Container-based Workshop

When you need space to store equipment and to make quick repairs, a shipping container with shelving, lighting, and a workbench makes an excellent workshop. Reclaim your guest house or garage by moving the tools for your hobby into a shipping container workshop. Steel walls and carefully selected personnel doors also create a secure space for hunting and fishing equipment.

Shipping container-based workshops keep you organized.

Shipping Container Storage for Large Properties

Climate and humidity controls protect paperwork from mold and equipment from rust, and steel walls keep your high-value items secure against rodents and theft.

Consider building a container-based:

  • Garage for a spare car, ATV, or motorcycle.
  • File room for documentation.
  • Landscaping equipment shed.

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