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7 Creative Uses for Onsite Storage Containers


At first glance, storage seems pretty straight forward, but there’s a lot to think about if your organization is running out of room. First, there’s location. Should you build a separate storage facility, lease storage space offsite, or invest in a turnkey solution like onsite storage containers? 

Onsite storage containers are ideal for many reasons, especially when you consider other factors such as insulated climate control, access, secure storage, the ability to remain agile, and that all-important price. That’s because modified shipping containers for storage are: 

  • Relocatable
  • Turnkey
  • Fast to deploy
  • Spacious - 320 sq. ft. in a single container
  • Cost-effective
  • And more

When your business storage needs grow, you can add onsite storage as needed. Onsite storage containers are used by industries across the spectrum to quickly and efficiently meet the need for more space. Here are a few examples of how mobile storage can be used.

1. Partitioned Onsite Storage Container for Construction

Illustration of onsite storage container for construction.

Running climate control 24/7 adds to power bills. Businesses looking to save can opt for a half-insulated container with a partition wall. Keep sensitive documents stored in one half and construction materials in the other.

Partition walls can divide a 20-foot container into as many as four spaces. Employers can ensure people only access tools and files related to their work by creating a separate access door for each section that’s kept under lock and key.

2. Storage with Workshop Space

Onsite storage container with workshop spaceA workspace that contains an area to conduct small repairs and do paperwork provides a two-in-one solution for landscapersagriculture, and other businesses that use small equipment. Deploy rental equipment stored in the container and take notes on where it goes at the built-in workshop. Businesses can open the cargo doors to turn their container into a space for inventory, curbside pick-up, customer service, and general business.

3. A Mobile Welding Shop

Illustration of a mobile welding shop in a conex container.Tools and equipment break; it’s a fact of industrial work. A mobile weld shop can be placed on the jobsite for fast repairs and small jobs, and the sheltered space also allows welders to work when the weather or wind isn’t cooperating. Portable storage units can come with 220 V outlets and connect to a generator. Adding overhead doors also makes it easy to open the shop for ventilation.

4. Climate Controlled Dry Goods Storeroom

Concept for a container-based dry goods store room.Even dry goods like canned foods and grains should be stored between 50 and 70 degrees to maximize shelf life. A climate-controlled container with a personnel door is a fast and mobile way to expand restaurant storage.

5. Onsite Records Storage

Illustration for onsite records storage.What do business and government have in common? Mountains of paperwork that need to be securely stored. Instead of paying for a storage unit across town, organizations can store sensitive records onsite in a climate-controlled shipping container. Proper humidity controls can protect paperwork from insects, mold, and the elements.

6. The Mobile Garage for Sensitive Machinery

Illustration of ISO container used to store machinery.Humidity is the menace of machinery, especially if you’re working in tropical climates like Florida and the Gulf Coast. Generators, lighting, and sensitive electronic tools will stay in optimal condition longer when stored in a climate-controlled garage space. We’ve even seen a pro-am racing team store their Porsche 911 in a mobile container garage.

7. Athletic Storage for Schools

Illustration of athletic equipment storage container.

When schools expand their athletics programs, their new gear will need protection. However, space is often limited in existing school buildings. Placing a storage container directly onsite at the soccer field or beside the gymnasium is a fast way to expand athletic program capacity. Pre-installed shelving can be included for convenience, and the secure cargo doors will protect training equipment from vandalism and rain.

If you’ve thought about expanding your facility to increase storage space and you’re worried about the time, money, and effort that comes with it, consider Falcon’s portable onsite storage container solutions. Contact us today to talk through the possibilities and explore even more ways that modified shipping containers can be used to help your business grow by accessing our eBook below.

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Editor's Note: This post was originally published on December 5, 2018 and has been updated for clarity and comprehensiveness.


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