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5 Popular Uses for a Construction Container

Feb 12, 2020
5 Popular Uses for a Construction Container

The construction industry popularized the use of repurposed shipping containers in the early ‘80s. Construction companies used conex boxes to store tools and materials on job sites while protecting against theft. Today, shipping container uses vary, but the construction industry continues to use them as trustworthy storage units, durable offices, and practical breakrooms. Here are five common ways construction containers can be used:

1. Construction Site Container for Tool Storage

Construction Site Container for Tool Storage

Constructed of heavy-duty 16-gauge steel, breaking into shipping containers is incredibly difficult. Companies concerned about theft turn to shipping containers as ideal solutions for storing tools, equipment, and work supplies. Employees can easily access storage when on the job, but companies can securely lock the container after hours. Additionally, storage containers can be equipped with lighting, personnel doors, secured shelving, and more.

2. Worksite Storage Container for Materials

Worksite Storage Container for Materials

Most worksites also need a space to store construction materials such as windows, doors, and any breakable or weather-sensitive items. Installing a rollup door to access large pallets quickly and easily is a common modification. Additionally, climate control systems can be added to any container to keep temperature-sensitive items safe from hot or cold weather.

3. Mobile Office Construction Container

Mobile Office Construction Container

Most construction sites require a climate-controlled workspace for a project manager’s office, conference room, or gathering area for workers to review plans. Many construction companies need a distinct office workspace, so management can better monitor job site efficiency.

Construction offices can be modified to include bathrooms, built-in desks, and barred windows for added security, among other customization options. A comfortable working space encourages productivity for the foreman, superintendents, and general contractors working in them.

At Falcon, we offer several standard office products that work well for construction companies, including a 20-foot container office with a half-bathroom and a 40-foot dual office container ideal for two people. More specific modifications can be made upon request.

4. Workspace and Storage Container

Workspace and Storage Container

Companies that need easy access to storage along with a climate controlled workspace often opt for a work and store container. We modify a 40-foot container to include both a workspace and a storage space inside a single unit to maximize space. Depending on the customer's need, we can split these units into equal spaces or distribute them in favor of one area. We finish out the workspace side like any other standard office with climate control, a personnel door, and two windows. The storage space includes lights, electric outlets, and functioning cargo doors to provide easy access to the stored items. Consider adding a door between the office and storage space for convenience.

5. Climate Controlled Breakrooms

Climate Controlled Breakrooms

Onsite breakrooms help keep morale high by providing a designated space for employees. Many container breakrooms include a small kitchenette, a bathroom, and a sitting area for employees to relax and take their lunch break. Falcon can add lockers upon request to help keep employee belongings safe. A breakroom container helps construction companies prioritize their most valuable asset – their employees.

These 5 shipping container uses are just a few of the ways construction companies utilize containers at job sites. If you think your organization would benefit from a shipping container structure, give us a call at 877-704-0177 or email us at Sales@FalconStructures.com to talk to a shipping container expert and make your idea a reality.

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