Shipping Container Home Layouts

We've developed several different types of shipping container home layouts so that you can mix and match the units to fit your needs.  All of the following are built inside of standard 8' x 20' ISO shipping containers.

20' Stand alone shipping container cabins

The following two layouts are ideally suited as stand alone shipping container cabins.  They have a sleeping area, kitchenette, and fully equipped bathroom.

20' Falcon Bunk Unit >

 20bunk isometric

20' Falcon Queen Unit >

 20Queen isometric


20' Multi-container units / container camps

The following four layouts are ideally suited for use in a shipping container work camp setting, where multiple shipping container houses are used together.

20' Falcon Double Bunk Unit >

 20double bunk isometric

20' Falcon Kitchen Unit >

20Kitchen isometric

20' Falcon Bath-Laundry Unit >

 20BathLaundry2 isometric

20' Falcon Screened Porch Unit >

20Screened Porch 2 isometri